Land Value Taxation

(Image and Video : Frank de Jong, Earthsharing Canada)

Frank de Jong of Earthsharing Canada presents an alternative model for taxation in this video. Wehther or not this idea is the ideal solution to land use problems, we should be encouraging more people to think outside the box and help introduce legislation that creates a win-win solution. The idea that Frank proposes would not be easy to implement, but we are living in the age of Big Data. It is not inconceivable to map land and land use with the help of technology in new innovative ways. Ideas that could help generate taxes in a way to also encourages people to do more with their resources, their time, and help the environment in the process. It is unfortunate how many laws encourage people to look for ways to take advantage of a system, and while some try to cheat the system, while other make up for it.

An interesting idea, nevertheless. Maybe it will get your gears turning and propose something better.