Let's redefine efficient storage

One of the driving reasons toward larger homes, is the need for having more space. But are we really using the space we have efficiently? How much space is simply taking up space? Quality, well thought out storage does not exist in most spec homes. Cabinetry, and built-ins are often limited to the kitchen and baths, and usually base models meant to get the job done.

As part of designing a better home, we feel it is equally important to think about storage solutions to take maximum advantage of the available space. Designing cabinets that are custom fitted to the floor plan and carefully planned to give the homeowner the most usable volume in the minimum amount of square footage while taking into account the potential energy saving benefit built-in storage can provide if it is positioned creatively throughout the space.

We are working on a line of custom cabinet solutions that will be used for our local projects. If successful, we may offer these for use in outside projects as well.

More details coming later this year!