Let's build the next generation of homes

We are a small but growing group who believe that it's time to build better homes. We encourage you to join us and together we can change the way homes are built for the better. Our basic thinking is simple: Let's combine centuries of knowledge to build homes and communities that are healthier, more effecient, and benefit the lives of those who live in them as well as the world around them. This site will be a central information tool bringing together the best in home building ideas and products to build better, healthier, ultra effecient homes. We will be featuring some of the best products availble to help achieve exceptional energy savings, thru articles, videos, and media coverage. If you have a great product or innovative idea, we would love to talk to you. Let's work together and move the world toward a healthier, sustainable, more effecient future.

Mainstream builders are extremely efficient at building homes driven by market trends. We want to define new market trends by building extremely effecient homes. We believe that the technology, knowledge, and resources already exist to build homes and neighborhoods that are far superior to those commonly being built. Not only that, we think it can be done at a resonable rates and delivered at affordable prices. We may not be able to match the profitablity of current home building right away, but over time, believe, that not only can more responsible homes be built, but that they can be just as profitable for builders to offer to all customers.

This site will be an information resource about ideas and products to build ultra effecient homes. It will be used to help communicate our ideas and help you share your ideas. We want you to join in the conversation. Every single one of us can help. Housing is a basic human need and we all become experts on what works and what doesn't at our own level based on individual experiences. If you have ideas, please share them. If you can help solve some of the problems that we present on this site, feel free to provide your input and expertise. If you are a professional with knowledge or skills, we would love to have you help move things forward. Architects: bring your creativity; Manufacturers: bring your products; Builders: share your knowledge and gain from ours; city planners: help us work thru the challenges of neighborhood planning and design, Lawyers: help us through legal challenges, Media: Help spread the word. Even if you think you have nothing to offer, simply spreading the word and telling a few friends to visit this site and share their ideas will help increase knowledge and move our community driven efforts forward.