Houses are more than just buildings

They are the places in which we live

What does it truly mean to “Live”. A home is more than just shelter. It is where we raise and nurture our families, where we seek rest and recuperation, where our children grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. Our homes have to do more than just shelter us from the weather. They need to account for the human factor that lives inside. What do we need to be safe, healthy, and happy and how can the building provide us these intangible benefits in a manner that is cost efficient and respects the needs & resources of people and the planet. The human factors of home design is often neglected because of more pressing factors such as building at the lowest cost and maximizing a quick profit.

(Image credit: Giesen Design)

We believe that achieving meaningful results requires us to first step back and look at the bigger picture. Let’s first define what we need as humans, as families, as a communities. Before we decide that home must have 4 walls, let's list out what benefits we expect those walls to provide. Maybe we will find that 5 walls better meet our needs, or maybe we need to take some down, or maybe we need to reinvent what a wall is altogether. Let’s open our minds to new possibilities and take another look at what our ancestors learned and the lessons they taught us. Let’s look at not just the home as a separate building, but how it fits into a community and more importantly into our lives. What impact does the design of home have on the health and happiness of the people that live inside it. Can we design developments that help us live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Let’s look at the Real cost of a home. Does it make sense to spend 10,000 more on a home that helps reduce the medical expenses for a family by 100,000 10 years down the road?

A vast amount of knowledge has been gained over the ages of what it takes to build a sustainable development. Let’s combine the accumulated knowledge of housing development thru history and build a city that reflects the best of all that we have learned.