Our Mission

To combine the collective knowledge of people just like you, to inspire and motivate the building of the next generation of homes that give more than they take. Not only ultra-efficient, but truly healthy, and beneficial to our lives and the world around us.

This site is intended to serve multiple roles:

  • It will be a resource of knowledge, ideas, products, and community discussions regarding addressing a wide range of topics aimed at improving building design and performance to make homes more efficient, healthier, and beneficial to the occupants as well as the world.
  • It will be used to document actual projects that are being built to achieve some of the above goals. As our local building projects get underway, we will begin showing various steps, innovative products, and techniques we are implementing. If your company manufactures innovative products, let's talk about integrating them into our next project. We are working on video demonstrations that will show each product's benfits in great detail. If you have a project that is in the works, or already completed, we would love for you to share your experiences

(Image Credit: Landon Homes)